Legacy Members

Thank you to our legacy members who have been part of the Wheeler Boot Company family for years. We appreciate your support and trust in us to make the perfect boot for you.


*Legacy members are customers who have purchased a minimum of 15 boots.


Steven Anderson
Bruce and Marilee Arrow
Jim Bailey
Douglas Barlow
The Currie Bechtol Family
Butch Bloodworth
The Glen Boudreaux Family
Hugh Brazier
Benny Cenac
Mike Cook
Daniel Copps
The Mike Degeurin Family
The Dick Deguerin Family
The Thomas Dompier Family
Lewis Dickson
The John Draper Family
The T. J. Farnsworth Family
The Jacko Garrett Family
The Jim Gibbs Family
Bruce Gunstra
Larry Hatley
Bruce Hazelgrove
Donnie Hill
Ed Jones
Rhonda Judy
Karim Karam
James Kennedy
Dr. Edward Kohaut
The Keith Landsness Family
The Andrew Linbeck Family
The Dr. Robert Levinthal Family
The Glenn Lilie Family
The Mark Letsos Family
Bryan and Blair Loocke
Joe Lostracco
Dr. Daniel Louie
The H. E. Mach Family
The Dr. Barry McNew Family
The Fred Meyer Family
The Ken Meyer Family


The Ted Miller Family
The David Modesett Family
John Scott Mooring
The Don Mullins Family
The Charlie Nettles Family
The Gene Nettles Family
Lynn O'Banion
The Robert Patterson Family
The Joe Parish Family
Ken Pietz
The Don Poarch Family
The Dr. Patrick Reardon Family
The Dr. Keith Reeves Family
Baltazar Rivas
Roy Rivers
The Claude Rives IV Family
The Randy Roach Family
Robert Sawyer
The Warren Savery Family
Kent Schaffer
Dan Schockling
The Darryl Schroeder Family
C. Randall Sherman
Michael Skelton
The L. N. Skipper Family
Joe Slovacek
Terry Stevens
Larry Stringfield
The Joe Swinbank Family
Gary Tatum
J. Gary Trichter
Wayne Turner
Alan and Janet Vail
Briggs Vest
The Robert Wade Family
The Robert Watson Family
The Barry Wilkinson Family
The Dr. J. S. Wilkenfeld Family
James Woodruff