Boot Makers Legacy

Hidden in an unassuming, small building in the center of Houston, Texas lies one of the greatest arts in our history – custom boot making.


Bent over workbenches, two boot makers are stitching and crafting boots to perfectly fit their legacy customers. It’s not glamourous. It’s not easy. It’s not done quickly. Each boot takes approximately three months to make. Longer for incredibly detailed designs. Shorter for simple ones. And, while the boot makers here have dwindled down from eight to two, the craftsmanship hasn’t changed.


For more than 55 years, The Wheeler Boot Company has been designing and making boots for governors, businessmen, sportsmen, musicians, actors, lawyers, doctors and ordinary folks. Started by Paul and Dorothy Wheeler, the family-owned Texas business is known for not only its unique designs but also for a perfect fit. Each customer is personally measured to ensure a well-fitting boot.


Paul’s son, Dave and his wife Janis now manage the family business. All boots are custom-made by Dave and lifetime boot maker Jorge Amaro.



We were featured on Texas Country Reporter




CBS Sunday Morning featured Wheeler Boots on February 5, 2017. For a deeper look in to this dying art, check out our story.


Wheeler Boot Company is no longer taking any orders. We’ve retired.

We invite you to enjoy our photos of our favorite boots from the past decades. We hope it inspires you to kick up your heels, dream big and boldly design your own boots.



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